The easiest way is to set the language in Settings > Gift Card in your Gift Up! dashboard. 

Once saved, you will see your checkout and the emails we send your customers in the specified language.

Developer option

Sometimes you want to render a different checkout language to your default Gift Up! language setting. You can do this by passing in a parameter in your installation code called data-language

P.S. Our installation code generator does this for you: 

You can set it to one of the following values:

· en-US
· en-GB
· en-CA
· en-AU
· fr-FR
· de-DE
· it-IT
· es-ES
· pt-PT
· nl-NL
· sv-SE
· no-NO
· da-DK
· fi-FI

When set, this will ensure that the checkout language and the emails we send, are in that language and will over-ride any value set in your dashboard.

Here's an example setting the checkout language to french:

<div id="gift-up-target" data-site-id="YOUR UNIQUE GIFT UP CUSTOMER ID" data-language="fr-FR"></div>
<script src=""></script>

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