Yes you can. We understand that you might not want to have our logo on your checkout or emails etc...

How to remove the Gift Up! branding...

If you want to remove the logo from the checkout & emails, head over to our Billing section in the dashboard and you can add our "Branding free" add-on for $6.95 USD/month (if you're not in USD, we'll convert this to your currency).

Of course, you can cancel the add-on at any time and the branding will re-appear. There's no ongoing commitment.

What branding do we add?

1) We add our logo and a little text underneath your checkout

2) We add a little logo to the bottom of the emails we send your customers when they buy a gift card

3) We also append " - Gift Up" to the email "from name"

All of this gets removed if you remove our branding via the add-on.

Why do we add the Gift Up! branding?

As we do not charge any monthly or setup fees, only a small fee if you sell a gift card, we rely on a little help from you to get the word out about us, and our main way of doing this is a little logo and link back to us on your checkout and emails.

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