If you want to get notified whenever a gift card is redeemed (and which of your staff redeemed it), or you operate a business model that pays out money to your partners when they redeem a gift card you issued, and you want to track this, read on...

Before you begin - set up your user accounts

Before you do this, you will need to set up a user in your Gift Up! dashboard for every staff member. Or you could set up a user for every location and share the name & pin with all staff members in that location to avoid having a user account for every staff member.


How to track redeemed gift cards

There are 2 ways to track who redeemed a gift card and the value

  1. Set up an email notification so you know who accepted/redeemed a gift card and how much was redeemed off it.

  2. Add a row in a spreadsheet (i.e. A Google Sheet or an Excel worksheet) by using Zapier to log all redemptions against your Gift Up! account.


Tracking redeemed gift cards by email

If you are happy to use a manual system to track redeemed gift cards, you can just turn on our email notification for this event. Head over to https://giftup.app/settings/notifications and enable the "Gift card redeemed" notification:

Then you will get an email that looks like this whenever a gift card is redeemed (notice how it contains the amount redeemed and the redeeming Gift Up! staff member's name): 

Tracking redeemed gift cards by spreadsheet etc...

To do this you will need to user our Zapier app and setup a trigger that is "Gift card redeemed" and setup an action that logs it to wherever you like. 

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