We collect a 3.49% fee for every gift card you sell or top-up (subject to a $0.50 minimum fee) whether you sell the gift card through the checkout you install on your website, our API, or manually in the dashboard.

We do not charge for anything else. That means no setup fees and no monthly fees. You can opt to pass some or all of our fee onto your customers if you wish to.

How does Gift Up! get paid?

If you have Stripe connected

We collect our fee automatically during payment, just as Stripe does. You get paid the  balance of the revenue directly into your Stripe account immediately. We do not withhold funds at all.

If you have PayPal connected

You get paid 100% of the revenue immediately. We then charge your nominated card/PayPal account  for our 3.49% fee at the end of your monthly billing cycle. We do not withhold funds at all.

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