You can customize some things in the emails we send to gift card recipients (& the receipt email we sent to the purchaser). 

You can customize the following: 

  1. From name & email address
  2. The subject line
  3. The logo & where it links to
  4. The intro text
  5. Where the button underneath the gift card links to & the words
  6. The footer text/signature

The standard email to recipients

Here's what the email to the recipient look by default:

How to customize the words/logo

Head over to Email Settings in the dashboard where you will be able to edit the wording and logo. 

You may want to include some contextual information with your alternative wording, such as the purchaser's name or the item they have been bought etc... 

You can do this by typing the following into the subject line, intro text, footer text/signature & button fields:

  • {{PURCHASERNAME}}  to enter the purchaser's name (e.g. "Lee")
  • {{RECIPIENTNAME}}  to enter the recipient's name (e.g. "Alex")
  • {{ITEMBOUGHT}}  to enter the item bought (e.g. "60 minute massage" or "2 x All you can eat steak" or "£50 gift card")
  • {{CODE}}  to enter the gift card code(s) (e.g. ABC12, may be a comma separated string of codes)


{{PURCHASERNAME}} just bought you a "{{ITEMBOUGHT}}" gift card  will output as Lee just bought you a "60 minute massage" gift card 

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