Absolutely. If you're coming from another provider or have a spreadsheet already that you manage existing gift cards from, we have an import process behind the scenes (for now). 

All you have to do is provide us with a CSV file that we can read with the following values:

  • "Value" (required, is the outstanding balance) - e.g. 50
  • "Purchaser Name" (required, but can be anything, e.g your business name)
  • "Purchaser Email"
  • "Recipient Name"
  • "Recipient Email"
  • "Item Name" - e.g. "$50 Gift Card"
  • "Item SKU"
  • "Code" - e.g. "ABC123"
  • "Tip" - e.g. 0
  • "Issued On" - e.g. "2018-10-21"
  • "Expires On" - e.g. "2020-10-20"

Take special care around dates. We prefer a format like this: YYYY-MM-DD, i.e. 2018-10-21 is the 21st august 2018 and likewise 2018-10-09 is the 9th August (and not the 10th September!).

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