We do not have any automatic integrations with any booking systems yet (but there may be some good news at the bottom of the page...)

Why no integrations yet?!

This is due to a 3 common reasons:

  • Most of them do not take payment for the appointment
  • If your system can accept for appointments, they commonly not support the concept of discount/promo codes
  • If they can accept payment & support discount codes, they commonly do not provide any way for external systems (i.e. Gift Up!) to access your booking system account, so we cannot inject gift cards as discount coupons


Wait! My booking system rocks and they do all that!

If you think your online booking system accepts payment, supports the concept of discount/promo codes AND provides a way for external systems to create discount codes, we'd love to integrate with them!

Tell us who your booking system is with by emailing support@giftupapp.com

What you can do today to accept Gift Up! codes in your booking system...

So, we do have a way for you t accept Gift Up! gift card codes in your booking system, providing they do support the concept of discount/promo codes... We've written a completely separate guide:

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