I cannot access the dashboard

If you can't access the Gift Up! dashboard, you'll probably want to 

  1. Double check the email address you signed up to Gift Up! with (a common issue!)
  2. If you have the correct email address, you can reset your password.


I've forgotten the pin when redeeming a gift card

An easy mistake to make! You can either ask your dashboard adminiistrator to set your pin number to a number you remember or you can reset it yourself.

Not received the reset email?

If the email does not arrive in a minute, it is likely that it has either gone into your junk folder or the email address you specified is not recognized by Gift Up!

For security reasons, when you request a pin or password reset we do not indicate whether we found an account with that email address. As frustrating as that may seem, it is the correct thing to do to keep your Gift Up! account secure.

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