There are thousands of POS systems available and it is impossible to work with most as they are closed systems and simply do not allow third party developers like us to interact with their system. Some are not even connected to a live Internet connection, so it would be impossible to validate and redeem gift cards live. 

However, we are happy to consider working with any POS vendor, so please get in touch with us at if you are either POS vendor, or a customer of ours who wants us to integrate with their terminal. If we get enough interest AND it is technically possible to integrate Gift Up! to the POS system, we will consider it.

How to accept Gift Up! gift cards in your POS terminal

Lots of POS systems have the functionality to pre-create discount codes, or even have a basic gift card functionality built-in.

The basics of our universal approach are:

  1. Pre-create a batch of random codes with a specific value (say $100) in your POS terminal
  2. Upload these to the (say) $100 gift card item in Gift Up!
  3. Whenever we sell a gift card for $100 we will issue a code from that pool of uploaded codes. 


Alternatively, you can get Gift Up! to generate codes automatically every time a gift card is sold (we'll also send you an email notification) and all you have to do is create a matching discount code / gift card in your POS terminal. 

Here's a fuller guide for you to read on the above methods:


POS systems we are planning to support

We are planning to support various POS systems in 2019, including Vend and Clover.

We are also investigating using a credit card we issue to your customers when they buy a gift card instead. This way the gift card is in essence a pre-paid credit card and can be used in your existing terminals. 

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