By default we generate a unique 5 character alpha-numeric code for every gift card you sell through Gift Up!

Being this short and just letters & numbers, means it very easy to type in on our redeem app or for your customers if they are using it on a supported e-commerce cart

Sometimes this is not desirable (for example, some POS systems require only numbers, or perhaps you want to prefix the code generated) ... so we have 2 further options for you to choose from:

1. Change the format of the codes Gift Up! automatically generates

If you would prefer to customize the code that Gift Up! generates you can do so here:

You can specify any format you like. We have a few special characters:

 * = Any letter or number
 # = Any number
 @ = Any letter

Some examples:

  1. GV-*****  would produce codes that always start with "GV-" and end with 5 random letters or numbers
  2. ###-@@@-***  would produce codes that have 3 numbers, followed by a dash, followed by 3 letters, followed by another dash, followed by 3 letters or numbers
  3. @@@@@MYCO  would produce 5 letters, followed by "MYCO"
  4. ######  would produce a number only code of 6 numbers in length

You can use any character in your format, except the 3 special reserved characters (*, #, @)

2. Upload your own codes

If you have an external system that can generate codes that mean something (i.e you have a Point of Sale terminal or booking system where you can pre-create discount codes of a specific value), you can upload these codes to a specific item in Gift Up!

Then whenever we sell a gift card with that item, we will issue a code from the list of codes you've uploaded to us. 

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