Absolutely. By default we include a "DOWNLOAD GIFT CARD" button in the email we send gift card recipients, but you can add another button if you want to.

  1. Go to Email settings
  2. Update the button label to be what you prefer instead (something like "Book now" etc...)
  3. Update the Url, this is where your customers go when they click the button.

* the URL  field needs to be a fully correct URL, including a http://  or https://  prefix. 

It can include the special text {{CODE}}  which we will replace with the gift card code (i.e. ABC123 ). For example: https://www.mysebsite.com/book-now?code={{CODE}}  will become https://www.mysebsite.com/book-now?code=ABC123 if the gift card code was ABC123.

Here's how it will look to your customers:

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