We support the ability to manually create a gift card in our dashboard. It's great for complimentary gift cards that you give away, or if you've taken payment elsewhere and want to issue a gift card to a customer. 

P.S. this will not take payment as we assume you've done that elsewhere.

You'll get full control over the gift card, including messages, expiry dates etc... and you can even get us to deliver the gift card by email either immediately or at a later date.

Of course, if you've already send a gift card in the post (for example) and you're using Gift Up! as your management system for this order, then you just tell us that delivery has been handled outside of Gift Up! and we won't email anything. 

Can I give Gift Up! a CSV file of gift cards to upload

Yes you can. Get in touch with us and we'll give you a fine spec to work towards. 

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