We ask you to connect your Stripe, Square or PayPal payment account to Gift Up! So when a customer buys a gift card from you, the full revenue for the gift card sale is immediately deposited into your connected payment account.

To collect our fee (assuming you are on our Pay as you Go plan) we then add our fee to an invoice that we'll issue to you monthly, assuming you've sold a gift card in that month.

Since Gift Up! is not part of the payment chain (we only facilitate it between the purchase, and you) we cannot hold any funds or see any details of a customer's credit card/payment details.

Getting your money into your bank account:


If you are using PayPal to accept payments from your customers, then your funds can be removed automatically overnight into your bank account, using PayPal's "sweep" system or you can remove the funds manually at any time.

Read more about Getting paid on PayPal's website.


If you are using Stripe to accept payments from your customers, then your funds will be automatically sent to your bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on how frequently you would like to get paid. This is available in your account payout settings.

Read more about Stripe Payouts on Stripe's website.


If you are using Square payments, then your funds will be in your bank account within 2 days of the gift card sale.

Read more about Square's payout schedule

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