We have 2 plan types

  1. Pay-as-you-go plan (the default) - with a fee per gift card sold
  2. A paid annually plan - with no fees per gift card sold. 


Our Pay-as-you-go plan

When you sign up we'll put you on our pay-as-you-go plan. There's no setup or monthly fees and you can use Gift Up! in it's entirety without a contract or tie-in.

We collect a 3.49% fee for every gift card you sell online (subject to a $0.50 minimum fee). If you create gift cards via our API, or manually in the dashboard (for example a complimentary gift card) we only charge a fixed fee of $0.50 per gift card; there is no % fee in these instances.

We also do not charge for anything else - no setup fees and no monthly fees. You can also pass some or all of our fee onto your customers if you wish to so that Gift Up! is completely free to use for you.


Our Paid Annually plans

On our paid plans, there is no fee as long as you are within your plan limits for the year. If you go over your allowance we charge you:

  • Small plan: 3% on gift card sales over $15K per annum
  • Medium plan: 2.5% on gift card sales over $40K per annum
  • Large plan: 2% on gift card sales over $100K per annum
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