Connect Gift Up! to your Eventbrite account and we will enable your Gift Up! gift card codes to be used during checkout.

How to connect Gift Up! to your Eventbrite account

Head over to the Gift Up! integrations page and click "CONNECT" on the Eventbrite card...

You'll go through a process to authorize Gift Up! to be able to manage your Eventbrite account. All we'll be doing is creating a discount that matches the gift cards we issue for you (and making sure they can only be used while they are still valid!).

How Gift Up! works with your Eventbrite account

When you sell a gift card in your Gift Up! checkout we will automatically create a discount matching the gift card balance in Eventbrite that matches the gift card code that we create.

Now the gift recipient (the only person who knows the gift card code) can go to your Eventbrite page, order a ticket and use this code against that order. 

Orders placed for more than the gift card value

If they place an order for more than the value of the gift card, then they just need to pay the balance as normal during the checkout. 

$70 gift card, $100 order
$70 gift card balance applied as a discount
$30 balance to pay during checkout
$70 redeemed against the gift card, leaving a $0 balance

Orders placed for less than the gift card value

If they place an order for less than the value of the gift card then they will get the tickets for free, leaving a balance on the gift card to be used again later.

$70 gift card, $50 order
$70 gift card balance available, but only $50 is applied as a discount
$0 to pay during checkout
$50 redeemed against the gift card, leaving $20 balance

What about the remaining balance?

In the instance above, the coupon gets used up automatically by Eventbrite (as the original discount coupon was a one time use only coupon), but when the order gets placed in Eventbrite, we get notified and we reduce the gift card balance in Gift Up! to $20 and  immediately re-create the discount coupon with the exact same code again, but this time with a $20 balance so your customer can come along again and place another order and use their remaining balance.

Common questions

What Eventbrite plans does Gift Up! work with?

Gift Up! works with any Eventbrite plan, all the way from the Essentials plan to the Premium plan. 

Do I pay fees twice? One for Gift Up! and one for Eventbrite?

No, you do not. When a customer buys a gift card through Gift Up! you'll pay our 3.49% fee (assuming you're on our Pay as you go plan). When your customer comes to use their gift card in your Eventbrite checkout, because the ticket sale gets discounted by up to the gift card value, you'll get charged Eventbrite's fee on the difference to pay (if any). 

If the gift card covers the ticket value completely, Eventbrite does not levy a fee on the ticket sale. If the gift card only covers part of the ticket value, Eventbrite charges their fee on the difference, not the full ticket value. 

Why can my customers only buy one ticket at a time in Eventbrite?

By design, and for financial safety, when we create a discount coupon in Eventbrite, we specify that it can only be 'used once'. It's a setting that Eventbrite expose and what Eventbrite does is twofold: 

  1. They make sure that the coupon can only be used in one ticket order (i.e. stopping 2 simultaneous orders going through with the same code) 
  2. But, they also only allow a single ticket to be bought. i.e. when we specify "only allow one usage of this discount coupon", they interpret that as "only allow this discount coupon to purchase one ticket, once". This constraint is the cause of the behaviour you're seeing.

By setting the Eventbrite discount coupon usage limit to 1, we can guarantee that Eventbrite will not allow that coupon to be used more than once (they stop the coupon being used again this the instant a ticket order is placed using that coupon). Eventbrite then tells us about the ticket order (this can takes 5-10 seconds or more) and we process the coupon usage against the gift card record in Gift Up! by deducting the ticket value from the gift card's balance. Then, if there's any remaining balance we update the discount coupon in Eventbrite with the new balance and unlock it to be used again (by setting the allowed usages to 2, and so on).

This whole process takes 15-30 seconds typically, which ordinarily is absolutely fine and basically means that your customer (should they want to buy another ticket with their gift card) just has to place the first ticket order and by the time they come to place the order for their second ticket, we've already updated the discount coupon to reflect the new balance. Thus protecting you from over-redemption of the gift card. 

When creating the discount coupon in Eventbrite initially, we could have allowed the coupon to be used more than once (thus unblocking the issue you're experiencing and allowing your customer to buy multiple tickets in one go using their 'gift card'). But it has risks...

If we did that (allow the discount coupon to be used more than once), you're leaving yourself vulnerable to the gift card being used again in quick succession in the following unlikely, but plausible, situations:

  • Eventbrite API is down (this we get a hugely delayed notification of your orders)
  • We're temporarily down and cannot process the ticket order/redemption in our usual 15-30 second window
  • You have a bad customer who tries to place 2 orders simultaneously (thus beating our 15-30 second update timeframe)

Ultimately, in our current design, none of the 3 above scenarios causes over-redemption - it's completely safe, and this is our priority.

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