Can my customers buy the gift cards in my shopping cart/checkout instead?

You probably already use a great e-commerce platform, like Shopify or Ecwid, and maybe you'd like to just add an extra product called "Gift Cards" and sell Gift Up! gift cards through your existing checkout, instead of installing our drop-in checkout. 

Well, you can do it, but it's not straight forward and does require some work from you. 

How to use your shopping cart to sell the gift cards

Warning: This only works if you can collect some basic details, like recipient's email address, a message etc... either during or after checkout.

Firstly you'll need to  create a product called "Gift Cards" (or similar) and sell it via your checkout, but you'd also have to collect the recipient's email address, message etc... at some point. You can do this during checkout if your platform allows it, or you can reach out to the customer afterwards to ask for those details. 

Once you've got an order in your e-commerce platform, you'll then have to create a gift card in Gift Up! We've got a few ways you can do that:

  1. Create the gift card in our dashboard by hand
  2. Create the gift card by using our automation partners, Zapier, assuming your e-commerce platform integrates with Zapier also (reasonably likely)
  3. Create the gift card via our Developer API

All of these will work, but you need to consider if your cart platform can gather and store the extra information that our dedicated checkout collects, like recipient email address and what date the gift card should be sent etc... Shopping carts do not allow generally allow the collection of this extra information, and if yours does, then you can certainly go the extra mile and make it happen for your customers using one of the 3 options outlined above. 

This is usually why we recommend just using our drop-in checkout alongside your regular shopping cart. 

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