Redeeming gift cards in your booking system

We do not have any automatic integrations with any booking systems yet, but we do have a guide on how to overcome this...

Detailed guide on how to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system

Why no integrations yet?!

This is due to a 3 common reasons:

  • Most booking systems do not take payment for the appointment, they just act as a calendar alternative
  • If your system does accept for appointments, it might not support the concept of discount/promo codes, so we have no 'vehicle' with which to store our gift cards in your booking system
  • If it does accept payment & supports discount codes, it probably does not provide any way for external systems (aka Gift Up!) to access your account, so we cannot inject gift cards as discount coupons(!)

It's a pretty poor state of affairs from most vendors (us excluded; we have a full, free open API to do this kind of work really easily) and something we're really frustrated by. 

Wait! My booking system rocks and they do all that!

If you think your online booking system accepts payment, supports the concept of discount/promo codes AND provides a way for external systems to create discount codes, we'd love to integrate with them!

Tell us who your booking system is with by emailing

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