Install our drop-in checkout in your website

When you install our drop-in checkout on a page somewhere on your website, customers feel like they are buying your gift cards from you directly and they never have to leave your website.

View a live demo

Installing the drop-in checkout in your website is our recommended approach. But if this is not possible, or you would prefer to link to a checkout we host for you, click here for instructions.

Get your installation code

We have specific instructions for all the major website builder platforms (including Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Big Cartel, Ecwid, Facebook, Go Daddy, 1 & 1, and Weebly) but it will work on any website providing you can insert some HTML on a page somewhere.

In general, all we ask you to do is add 2 lines to HTML code we provide directly into the page where you want our checkout to appear. i.e:

You can configure your checkout to only sell a subset of the items you generally have available, or set it to a specific language.

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