How does Gift Up! get paid?

You get paid in full for every gift card sale, immediately. We then all our 3.49% fee to your monthly (assuming you are on our Pay as you Go plan). This invoice then gets issued at the end of your monthly billing cycle if it's over $5 USD. Your invoice date it tied to the date you signed up for Gift Up!. 

Update 1st June 2019: We no longer collect our fee during the gift card sale, so you get paid 100% of the revenue immediately giving you a short term cash-flow boost. 

Paying your fees automatically

You might find it convenient to add a payment method to your Gift Up! account to have your fees paid automatically and saves you visiting the dashboard to pay your invoice manually every time. You can store a credit/debit card, a PayPal account or even setup a direct debit (if you're in the UK, EU or Australia).

Paying your fees by bank transfer

If you prefer to pay your fees by a one-off payment each time, via bank transfer, you can find our bank details here.

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