Changing the language of your checkout & emails

Our checkout experience & the emails we send your customers when they buy a gift card has been translated into the following languages: 

 - English (US)
 - English (British)
 - French
 - Spanish
 - German
 - Italian
 - Portuguese
 - Swedish
 - Norwegian
 - Danish
 - Finnish
 - Czech
 - Hungarian
 - Polish
 - Romanian
 - Russian
 - Serbian
 - Slovak
 - Ukranian

If you would like to request a new language be supported, please drop us a message; we'll be happy to do it.

Changing the language

You can set the default language in Settings > Gift Card inside your Gift Up! dashboard. 

Multi-language best practice

As you can see, you can add extra languages for your customers to choose from.
However, if you are doing this please read this guide first for the best practice

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