Providing additional content on the "order placed" screen

Once your customers have bought a gift card you can add some additional content to the "order placed" screen if you like. 

You can create a button that your customers can click that's displayed post-purchase and you can provide some extra words (HTML is allowed for the technically minded among you). To do this, head to where you'll be able to specify some additional content:

Adding additional wording

If you provide additional wording, this appears above the buttons and underneath our standard "thank you, you order has been placed" etc...

i.e. This text...

...ends up looking like this:

You can even add custom HTML into the "additional wording" field (if you know what you are doing!)

Adding an additional button

If you decide to add an additional button, we'll still show the download gift card option (assuming it's an email delivery gift card), but your button will be the mail link, our slots nicely underneath instead:

Then, once your customers place their order, they will see this link as the primary next action:

You can also do something similar in your emails
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