Absolutely. If you're coming from another provider or have a spreadsheet already that you manage existing gift cards from, we have an import process behind the scenes (for now). 

All you have to do is provide us with a CSV file that we can read with the following values:

  • "Purchaser Name" (required)
  • "Purchaser Email"
  • "Recipient Name"
  • "Recipient Email"
  • "Item Name" - i.e. "$50 Gift Card"
  • "Code" - i.e. "ABC123"
  • "Value" (required) - i.e. 50
  • "Tip" - i.e. 0
  • "Issued On" - i.e. "2018-10-21"
  • "Expires On" - i.e. "2020-10-20"

Take special care around dates. We prefer a format like this: YYYY-MM-DD, i.e. 2018-10-21 is the 21st august 2018 and likewise 2018-10-09 is the 9th August (and not the 10th September!).

If you are intending on using gift up to sell gift cards going forward we will even import your existing gift cards fee free!

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